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Regional Minister and MCE have ignored us in these difficult times – Wa Tendamba

The Landlords (Tendamba) of Wa have accused the Upper West Regional Minister and the Wa Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of ignoring them in these difficult times of abduction and killing of innocent people in Wa.

“We regrettably have been ignored throughout these difficult times by the Regional Minister and the Wa Municipal Executive.

We want to give the two key figures a clear message that they must work harder to resolve the issue or risk our wrath”, Mr Hussein Kayum, the Secretary to the Tendamba said at a press conference in Wa on Thursday.

The landlords threaten a massive demonstration against the Upper West Regional Minister and the Wa MCE for their removal if they continue to sit aloof while the people in the Municipality suffer the atrocities of the heartless murderers.

They, therefore appealed urged the duo to collaborate with the security agencies in Wa to support the landlords to unravel the perpetrators behind the heinous acts.

Talking about the suspect who was arrested in connection with the abduction and killing in Wa, Kankani Adongo, the landlords said evidence showed that he was part of the gang committing the atrocities and urged the police to conduct a thorough investigation of him.


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