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About Us 

Info Radio 91.1FM: A Beacon of Knowledge and Entertainment in Ghana's Upper West Region

Located in the heart of Ghana's Upper West Region Wa, Info Radio 91.1FM is a public interest radio station that has been a trusted source of information, entertainment, and education for the region since its inception in 2020. With a mission to promote social change, economic development, and cultural enrichment, Info Radio 91.1FM has established itself as a vital platform for the dissemination of news, current events, and educational programs.

Frequency and Coverage

Info Radio Ghana broadcasts on 91.1 MHz FM in Wa, the regional capital of the Upper West Region. Info Radio covers all 11 municipalities /districts in the region.

The station also has an online presence, allowing listeners worldwide to tune in via its website and various mobile applications.

Our Vision

The Vision of Info Radio is to provide quality and impartial radio program contents and services that will ensure a high unparalleled brand value by the community we serve and demonstrates our commitment as the Upper West most trusted and creative media organization. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to be an active and committed partner in promoting development by giving active voices to the voiceless and the under-represented in the community we serve through the creation of captivating radio content that informs, inspires, and entertains through our professional, creative and high-spirited people. 

Info Radio 91.1FM is a vital public interest radio station that has made a significant impact on the Upper West Region of Ghana. With its diverse programming, community engagement initiatives, and commitment to education and development, the station has established itself as a trusted source of information and entertainment for the community. As a beacon of knowledge and entertainment, Info Radio 91.1FM continues to inspire and educate listeners, promoting social change and economic development in the region.

Our Impact

By providing a platform for diverse voices and perspectives, we have made a significant impact on our community. Our listeners have reported increased engagement with local issues, increased understanding of complex topics, and a sense of connection to their community. We have also provided a platform for underrepresented voices to be heard, promoting greater diversity and inclusion in our community.

Our Team

Our team of dedicated professionals are passionate about creating high-quality content that serves the public interest. Our team includes experienced journalists, producers, and on-air personalities who are committed to delivering accurate, informative, and engaging content.

Our Partnerships

Info Radio  partner with local organizations, community groups, and government agencies to amplify our impact and provide a platform for diverse voices. We also collaborate with national organizations to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in public interest media.

Our Support

We rely on the support of our listeners, donors, and community partners to continue our mission. Your support helps us to produce high-quality content, engage with our community, and advocate for the public interest.

Join us in our mission to empower communities through informed and engaging public interest media!

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Our values at info radio

  • Inclusivity: We believe that every voice matters and strive to create a platform that is inclusive and representative of our diverse community.

  • Transparency: We operate with transparency and accountability, ensuring that our audiences are informed about the content we produce and the decisions we make.

  • Accuracy: We prioritize accuracy and fact-checking in all our content, ensuring that our audiences receive reliable information.

  • Community Engagement: We engage with our community through interactive programming, events, and outreach initiatives, fostering a culture of participation and dialogue.

  • Our Content: Our programming reflects the diverse needs and interests of our community, covering a wide range of topics including news, current events, arts and culture, education, health, and more. We produce high-quality, engaging content that is both informative and entertaining, featuring local voices, perspectives, and stories.



Info Radio Wa

Post Office Box 187

Wa, Upper West Region

Ghana, West Africa

Wa-Kambali - Kori, Adjacent UBIDS Block 36

Near, the EPA Regional Office.

Wa, Upper West Region of Ghana.



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