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Country Director of ProNet North Ghana urges youth to engage in self-initiated profitable ventures

The Country Director for ProNet North Ghana, Martin Dery, has urged youths of the Upper West Region to engage in activities that could be profitable to them rather than sitting, idling and waiting for white color jobs.

He said though the Upper West Region is blessed with youth, they virtually do not want to do self-initiated hard core jobs that is beneficial to them apart from government employment.

Mr Dery said this in an interview with Info News to present his New Year message to the youth and people of the region.

Mr Dery also said youth who are interested in the private sector can seek advice and guidance from those already in the sector.

He added that they can also take advantage of the government’s interventions in the agricultural sector to venture into the agricultural sector.

According to him, though the youth camps dotted around major towns in the region are good, those camps should be geared towards their personal and national development rather than championing social vices in society.