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Zingu Assembly Member appeals for support to construct a bridge

Communal labour ongoing at the site to fix the road

Nuhu Abdul Wahab, Assembly Member for Zingu Electoral Area in the Wa Municipality has appealed for the support of benevolent individuals and organizations to help construct a bridge across a river along the Wa-Zingu road.

The Assembly Member who made the appeal on Info Radio’s late afternoon show, Te Zine Yiri Yela, said the bridge was washed away by torrents September last year and had posed a great challenge to the transportation needs of the people in the Zingu enclave.

He stated that he has been engaging his people in communal labour to manage the road since the problem started.

He said the problem was since reported to the appropriate quarters who have been promising to fix it till now.

Abdul Wahab lamented that the recent rains have washed away the works done previously and have left the situation even worse than before.

He said they have since organized yet another communal labour to fix the road and that their only prayer is it does not rain heavily anytime soon.

He however revealed that a philanthropist, Alhaji Alhassan Gbangu has heard of their plight and donated 5 culverts to fix the bridge and that they needed one more culvert to make a complete.

The Assembly Member therefore appealed to benevolent individuals and organizations to come to their aid.

He said the community is not sitting arms-folded, that the support other individuals and organizations would be a perfect complement of their efforts.

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