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Seek extension advice in your farming activities - Agric Director to farmers

Mr. Emmanuel Sasu Yeboah, the Upper West Regional Director of the Department of Agriculture, has advised farmers to seek extension advice in their farming activities to enable them reap the needed benefits from the investment they made on their field.

He explained that considering the high cost of farm inputs such as fertilizer and agro-chemicals, and the high cost of plowing services and labour, farmers ought to follow the appropriate agronomic practices in order to maximise their investment.

The Director stressed that it was important for the farmers to follow the required planting distance per the recommendations from good agronomic practices. He said this in an interview with Info Radio in Wa.

He noted that if farmers do the fertilizer application properly and at the right time, with the right type of fertilizer, and control weeds and pests well their yield will be very fantastic.

Talking about the food situation in the region, the Agric Director explained that there is enough food in the region and farmers are supplying to companies out of the region.

He added that farmers also stored some at home for feeding and to sell for emergency purposes.

Mr. Yeboah also explained that the cause of the high cost of food items in the Wa market is due to the cost of transporting the food from other parts of the region as well as the population of the Wa town which influences the market women to increase the prices of the food items.

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