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Residents of Konkonpare appeal for veterinary services in the community

Residents of Konkonpare in the Kalsegra Electoral Area of the Nadowli-Kaleo District have appealed for the services of veterinary officers in their community.

They complained that no veterinary officers come to the community to inspect the welfare of their animals and offer them appropriate assistance to multiply their livestock and earn more revenue.

Mr Richard, a resident and farmer in the community, told Info radio that most residents of the community are farmers who rear animals but lamented that the lack of veterinary services has impeded the prospects of the business.

He said they lose their animals in large numbers as a result of some disease conditions with the animals that they do not have the experts to prevent or even treat.

He believed that the presence of veterinary officers in the community would do them great good when it comes to the rearing of livestock.

“We rear animals here but in the dry season, they die off due to lack of veterinary expertise and medications here,” Mr Dakurah, another farmer and resident in the community, added.

He said the frequent death of the animals during the dry hampers their economic activities and in turn, affects their children's education.

The farmers, therefore, appealed to the government through the Nadowli-Kaleo District Assembly and Agriculture Directorate to extend veterinary services to the community.

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