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Residents of Guonuo reiterate calls for extension of electricity to the community

Residents Guonuo in the Wa East District have reiterated calls on the government to extend electricity to the community.

In an interview with Info Radio, the residents bemoaned that, the community is in the middle of three communities that can boast of electricity, but same cannot be said about their community.

Abdulai Hariss, who is a Youth Activist in the community, noted, that the community is in dire need of electricity to improve their economic and social wellbeing.

He calls on the upper west regional minister and the Wa East District Coordinating Director to expedite action towards connecting the community to the national grid.

Mr. Abdulai Hariss further observes that electricity is a necessity and now indispensable in all spheres of human life.

According to him, for improved health delivery system, education and other socio-economic activities, availability of electricity is paramount.

Mr Hariss revealed that, 70% of the community is wired with a Transformer rather unmounted and left to the mercy of weather.

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