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Residents of Djarwie Appeal for An Irrigation Dam

Residents of Djarwie, a community in the Sisaala West District of the Upper West, are appealing to the central government to provide the community with an irrigation dam. According to residents, the availability of an irrigation dam in the community will create an avenue for residents to engage in dry-season gardening during the dry season. The Assembly Member for the Jarwia Electoral Area in the Sissala West District, Mr. Salifu Imoro, speaking to Info Radio on the issues, said some women and youth have resorted to dry season farming as a means to improve their economic conditions. He said though farmers in the area, especially women and youth, have demonstrated interest in dry-season farming, there is no facility available to enable them to engage in farming in the dry season. The Assembly Member said farmers who want to be economically active during the dry season require a dam that can store enough water for dry-season farming. Mr. Salifu has appealed to the government to consider constructing an irrigation dam in the area to serve as a source of livelihood for the people during the dry season.

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