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Residents of Bussie call for expansion of Bussie Health Centre

The chief and people of Bussie in the Daffiama Bussie Issa district have appealed to the government to expand facilities at the Bussie health centre to provide quality healthcare services to the people.

The facility has not seen any major expansion since its construction many decades ago.

As a result, the community and its catchment areas have outgrown the facility, exerting pressure on the facility and its staff.

Naa Elias Nubabong Zumakpe, a divisional chief in the Bussie Traditional Area, observed that the inadequate space and facilities in the health centre disrupt quality healthcare delivery.

He explained that due to the challenges at the facility, the Chief of Bussie intervened by leading the construction of a new block to augment the few facilities there.

He said that the situation is even dire during the rainy season when the facility receives a lot of clients daily. Workers have no choice but to admit patients on benches and bare floors. 

The Physician Assistant in charge of the Bussie sub-district, Emmanuel Boahene, told Info Radio that the biggest problem the facility faced was inadequate space.

Currently, the Public Health and Mental Health Units are combined in one room while the wellness clinic and accounts unit also share a single space.

“Sometimes when I’m educating client, I feel like am I voicing too much because I suspect if other people are also sitting here for other things they may here and go out and spread patient information. In that case confidentiality becomes an issue,” he added.

Community initiated project under construction

He stated that the facility is usually under pressure due to its geographical location and the quality of service it delivers.

“Sometimes because the facility is very old, our wiring is giving us problems. For example the fridge inside the consulting room the metre got burnt and it was not working, we could not freeze icepack for immunization,” he added.

He also appealed for the expansion of the staff bungalow to accommodate staff close to the facility to ensure that they provide timely and quality healthcare services.

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