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Residents of Biskan appeal to authorities to construct a dam for them

Residents of Biskan in the Chaggu Electoral Area of the Wa East District have bemoaned the lack of a dam in the community and have appealed to authorities for one.

According to cattle owners in the community, they have to pay money before their animals can drink water from other communities.

Speaking to Info Radio at the community, Mr Abdul Rahaman Adams, a resident said they have to pay money to those communities who have dams before they can allow their cattle to be drinking during the dry season.

He indicated that they fetch water in gallons to serve their household ruminants and then pay money for their cattle to drink.

Another resident of the community, Mr Abu Dansil thought the many Fulani herdsmen in the community could be taxed by the District Assembly to raise money to construct the dam for their animals to be drinking.

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