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Mother's Day: Access to potable water tops challenges mothers face

As the world marked Mother's Day at the weekend, access to potable has been a major challenge for some mothers in rural communities in the Wa West District.

The mothers said that the difficulty in accessing potable water does not only affect their economic activities but also their children's upkeep.


Some mothers who spoke to Info Radio at Chogsia, a community in the Meteo Electoral Area in the district, said they have to wake up as early as 4:00 am in search of water. 

Madam Gifty Teonzieyelle from Tendoma in the Wa West District said the inadequate potable water sources have affected her childbearing because she has to abandon her husband at dawn to search for water. 

Also, Madam Baloyir Ba-inebe from the Welleteon community in the Wa West District, said there is only one borehole in the community and women have to wake up as early as 4:00 Am to queue for water.

Mother's Day is celebrated annually to honour the mothers and maternal figures in society and recognize the significance of maternal love.

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