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Lack of health facility adversely affecting access to healthcare - Zingu Assembly Member

The Assembly Member for Zingu Electoral Area in the Wa Municipality, Mr Nuhu Abdul Wahab, has observed that lack of a health facility at the electoral area is adversely affecting access to healthcare services by the people in the area.

The Assembly Member who said this in an interview with Info Radio cited, Zingu, for instance, has a population of over 3000 but that they had to trek to Wa or other communities to access healthcare services.

Mr Abdul-Wahab, who made the observation in an interview with Info Radio, noted that poor road network linking the electoral area to other communities, including Wa has also served as an impediment to timely access to healthcare services.

He thus appealed to the necessary authorities and benevolent individuals and organizations to provide the electoral area with a health facility to help alleviate their plight.

On education, Mr Abdul-Wahab also noted that poor infrastructure is also affecting quality teaching and learning at Zingu.

He said anytime it rains neither the teachers nor school children can go to school due to the bad state of the road and a valley that cuts the community from the school.

Talking on electricity, the Assembly Member noted that there is high rate social vices including armed robbery and theft cases at Zingu due to the poor electrification of the community.