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‘Galamsey’ affecting educational standards in Tangasia - Assembly Member

The Assembly Member for Tangasia Electoral Area in the Nadowli-Kaleo District, Mr. Basungnizie Isaac Justice has bemoaned the rate at which ‘galamsey’ is increasing student absenteeism in schools in the electoral area.

The Assembly Member told Info Radio at the community that, most school children leave school for galamsey sites for quick cash and as a result, influence other colleagues who later abandon school to pursue quick money.

He added that the development has resulted in children neglecting school education for the streets.

Mr Justice added that the Tangasia School lacks sufficient teachers to handle the pupils and the subjects taught in the school. He continued that Dagaare and BDT as subjects have no teachers and as a result performance is fast declining.

On the side of healthcare delivery, Mr. Basungnizie Isaac Justice said that the CHPS compound in the area is not well equipped and get overcrowded due to its small size.

The situation, he said, is worsening the plight of pregnant women, as they struggle in labour to give birth in the facility.

He said the community had to put in measures to get the facility some logistics though they were insufficient.

The Assembly Man added that the health workers were few and as a result affects the effective operation of the facility. He called for at least two midwives to be posted to the facility.

On agriculture, Mr. Basungnizie Isaac Justice stated that crop production is declining as a results of high cost agricultural inputs.

He said farmers recorded low yield because they have no money to buy fertilizers and other inputs.

He called for stakeholders to support the community with subsidized farm inputs in order to boost agricultural activities.