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DBI Constituency NDC Hosts Inaugural Football Gala

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Daffiama-Bussei-Issa (DBI) Constituency has launched it’s first-ever football gala, drawing excitement and enthusiasm from residents across the constituency.


The inaugural match took place in Wougu between Tabiesi and Wuogu, the host community. The event was attended by a lively crowd, eager to support and cheer their respective teams.


Mr James Wor, the DBI Constituency Secretary of the NDC, expressed the party's commitment to nurturing talent and promoting unity through sports. The event was organized by the constituency party youth wing led by the Youth Organizer, Mr Desmond Tampuori.


He emphasized the role of sports in fostering social cohesion and providing opportunities for personal development. He added the importance of initiatives like the football gala in channeling the energy of young people into constructive activities and promoting a sense of belonging within the constituency.

Mr Peter Marga, the Issa Zonal Chairman of the NDC, commended the youth for the initiative. He indicated that a sports event brings unity and through such an event, the party can spread its message to the people.


The atmosphere at the match venue was electric, with supporters cheering on their teams with fervor and sportsmanship. Despite the competitive nature of the game, the spirit of friendship prevailed, reinforcing the message of unity and inclusivity championed by the NDC.


The game ended 1-1 draw at the blow of the final whistle. Both communities received a set of jersey, ball and some amount of cash. The party noted that plans are already underway for future matches and community events.

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