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Assembly Member and Headteacher plants trees at Bulenga on Green Ghana Day

Assembly Member for the Bulenga Electoral Area in the Wa East District of the Upper West Region, who doubles as Headteacher for Bulenga Primary A, Hon. Suglo Nurideen and his students have joined the nation's drive of making the country ‘green’ again after the vegetative cover of the nation had been depleted by human activities.

This was in commemoration of the Green Ghana Day – 11th June, 2021 under the Green Ghana Project, a government initiative to plant five million in a day as part of efforts to replace lost trees and reclaim the country’s vegetative cover.

In an interview with Info Radio via phone, the Assembly Member cum headteacher noted that, greening the country is collective responsibility, calling on all and sundry to embrace the project with all seriousness.

"Any effort towards restoring our depleted tree cover should be considered a shared responsibility and must be embraced in earnest", Hon. Suglo noted.

Doing the planting himself with the students in and around the school premises, Hon. Suglo assured that they were going to plant and nurture more than one hundred plants.

The former Presiding Member of Wa East District Assembly ceased the opportunity to call on colleague Assembly members, headteachers, and traditional and religious leaders to actively embrace the Green Ghana Project aimed at recovering the lost vegetative cover of the nation.

“Let me also use your platform to appeal to my colleague teachers, Assembly members and our revered Traditional and religious leaders to embrace the Green Ghana Initiative and lead the way in their respective jurisdictions", the Assembly Member appealed.

Hon Suglo Nurideen (yellow) and pupils undertaking tree planting exercise

The tree planting exercise at the school premises was also participated by parents and guardians who found the initiative laudable and worth embracing.

Hon. Suglo also used the opportunity to appeal to many parents who visited the school to endeavor to plant and nurture on their farms, at least fifty trees for the 2021 farming season, pledging to lead the Green Ghana Initiative vigorously in the Electoral Area.

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