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Women farmers in Naro appeal for government support

Women farmers in Naro, a community in the Nadowli Kaleo District, are appealing to the government to support their farming with improved seeds, fertilizer and tractor services for increased production. 


The over 300 women in different groups want the government to come to their aid with subsidized fertilizer and tractor services.


Madam Ernestina Dagbee, one of the women speaking to Info Radio at Naro, mentioned that the support from the government would go a long way to help them increase their production.


She stated that women in Naro will vote for any politician that will support them in the upcoming elections.


"She said, 'I would stand on behalf of the women of Naro and say that as we go into the elections this year, we are farmers, and anyone who would support us to get farm inputs, we would also vote for that person.”


“If the government can also subsidize fertilizer and tractor services for us, it would go a long way to boost our production."


She also requested the government to mechanize one of the boreholes in the community to enable them to practice irrigation farming.


She pointed out that the women in Naro have no source of livelihood once the farming season is over.


"We are also appealing to the government to provide us with an irrigation facility so that we can engage in farming during the dry season after the rainy season. We do not have any source of income during the dry season," she added.

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