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Upper West Regional Football Association to Launch 2024 Middle League on June 10

The Upper West Regional Football Association (RFA) will launch this year's Middle League on Monday, June 10, 2024, at the RFA’s office.


This marks the start of an exciting football season in the region. Six teams have qualified for this year's Middle League.


TF Exponential FC and Malima FC from Zone One are strong contenders. Representing Zone Two are Wa Sore Nante and Sombo Freedom Stars, known for their strategic play.


Zone Three, also known as the Tumu Zone, will be represented by Kowie Eva Stars and Real 24 Hours. The Middle League is expected to feature thrilling matches as these teams compete for the top spot, showcasing the best of local football talent.


The launch event on June 10 will provide an opportunity for fans, sponsors, and stakeholders to engage with the teams and organizers, setting the stage for an exciting football season ahead.


The Upper West Regional FA continues to support and develop football in the region, providing a platform for local talents to shine and progress to higher levels of competition.


The upcoming Middle League not only reflects the region's passion for the sport but also provides an opportunity to celebrate the community spirit that football fosters.


As the launch date approaches, excitement is growing among fans and teams. The Upper West RFA invites all football enthusiasts to join in the festivities and support their local teams as they embark on this exciting journey in the 2024 Middle League.

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