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Upper West is a suitable investment destination – Dr Hafiz Bin Salih assures investors

Dr Hafiz Bin Salih, the minister and head of government of the Upper West Region has assured investors that the region is a very good destination for investment.

Dr Bin Salih said the upper west region is prided as one of the most peaceful regions in Ghana and for that matter a very suitable destination for investment.

The minister was speaking at a groundbreaking ceremony of the European Union-Ghana Agricultural Programme (EU-GAP) at Kpongu assuring the potential investors that they would never regret it investing in the region.

The government of Ghana secured a grant to rehabilitate and maintain feeder and farm access roads of about 670Km in the Upper West region.

He prayed the European Union and World Bank who are the sponsors of the EU-GAP to feel at home, saying that the people are peace loving.

Dr Hafiz Bin Salih further therefore urges the citizens of the Upper West region to be cooperative with the implementing organizations to execute the projects within stipulated timelines.

He calls on members of the beneficiary communities to conjoin with the contractors of the projects to ensure timely completion and quality service delivery.

He further appeals to the contractors deliver quality works which will be durable and serve their long term purposes. He added that they should ensure value for money in colligation with government’s quest to protecting the public purse.