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Teenage pregnancy on the rise in Dorimon – Assembly Member laments

The Assembly Member for Dorimon Electoral Area, Braimah Christopher has expressed worry over the rise in the cases of teenage pregnancy in Dorimon, a farming community in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region.

In an interview with Info Radio at Dorimon, Mr. Braimah confessed that the rampancy in the situation is largely due to poor parental care.

According to him, fathers spent little or no time at all with their children than they do with their livestock and farms, a situation he described as the main cause of teenage pregnancy in the area.

Mr. Braimah also blamed the situation on some policies by the central government and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that bar parents and teachers from initiating certain corrective on their children’s mal-behaviors. These, he said, rather expose the girl child to sexual acts than encourage abstinence.

He noted that parents and teachers, for fear of being accused of committing child rights abuse(s), watch some wrongdoings of their children and pupils unpunished, correctively.

The Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association of the Dorimon Basic School, Iddrisu Lala also known as “Whiteman” said, in a related interview, that even though girls are doing well in the school, their education is sometimes truncated as a result of their promiscuous lifestyles.

He lamented over the fact that girl children do not heed to advices from parents, teachers and elders.

Speaking exclusively with a teenage mother who participated in the 2020 Basic Education Certificate Examination, she admonished her colleagues not to emulate her example, saying that they should focus on their books.

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