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Surge in school dropout rate in motigu worrying, parents blamed

Unit Committee Member for the Duccie Electoral Area, Mr. Sankannaa, has expressed worry over surge in the rate of school dropout among school children in Motigu in the Wa East District of the Upper West Region.

The Unit Committee Member made this known in an interview with Info Radio at the community.

Narrating the issue to Info Radio, he has blamed parents and guardians in the community for the proliferation in the situation.

According him, instead of parents to encourage their wards to take their education seriously, they rather allow them to do whatever pleases them.

Mr. Sankannaa further bemoaned that, no daughter of Motigu could boast of receiving salary from government’s payroll.

He however, placed a chunk of the blame on mothers, as he accused them of conniving with their female wards to migrate to the urban centers for head porting also known as ‘Kaayaye’.

Mr. Sankannaa who was deeply worried about the situation, called on parents to stamp on their authority as parent and do the needful.

He also reminded the victims and those yet to drop out of school, to bear in mind that, with sound formal education, they will be better off than going into farming or Kaayaye in down south.

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