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Schools in Gudaayiri Electoral Area lack infrastructure – Assembly Member

The Assembly Member for Gudayiri Electoral Area in the Wa East District, Francis Pinto Benyogpuo has lamented that access to quality education is beset by inadequate classroom infrastructure in some schools within his electoral jurisdiction.

He indicated that some of the schools in the area do not have classroom blocks for pre-school children. “If you go to Zinye and Balazu, there are no classrooms for the Kindergarten children. The story is not different for Yaru too,” the Assembly Member lamented.

The Assembly Member also expressed worry over inadequate, and in some cases lack of, classroom desks for pupils and teachers alike.

Mr. Pintu said the schools are seriously battling a lack of furniture, with pupils being forced to sit on bare floors to study.

He said three classes are sometimes combined in one classroom to be instructed, saying it impedes the quality of the learning.

He cited that the Zinye Primary School had only three classrooms where the school children are combined to be thought.

The Assembly Member did not mince words when he said the situation is adversely affecting teaching and learning in the electoral area.

Mr. Pinto said this in an interview with info radio at Gudaayiri during a visiti to the electoral area.

The Assembly Member therefore appealed to the authorities in the Wa East District Assembly, the government and benevolent organizations to come to the aid of the Electoral Area ensure quality education in the area.

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