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Residents of Tabiesi Call for Support to Complete Maternity Ward Project

Residents of Tabiesi, a community in the Daffiama-Bussei-Issa district, have banded together to kick start the construction of a much-needed maternity ward at their CHPS compound.


The initiative, however, has faced a setback due to financial constraints, prompting the community to reach out to authorities for assistance in securing the necessary funds to bring the project to completion.


During a recent visit to mark the Eid-Ul-Ahda celebrations in the community, Dr. Sebastian Ngmenenso Sandaare, the Member of Parliament for the constituency, took note of the status of the maternity ward project and pledged full support to ensure its timely completion.

"Observing the community and the facility now, you would realize that the people have surpassed the facility. They have done well by initiating this project and I will do my best to see it through to completion," he stated.


"I have requested the assembly member to provide the cost estimate so that I can also lend support to the community in completing the project."


In addition to financial challenges, the residents also highlighted other critical issues such as a shortage of beds and essential medical equipment within the facility.


They have resorted to converting the consulting room into a delivery room due to space limitations and have appealed for support to finish the construction of the maternity ward.

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