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Residents of Piisi complain over lack of potable water

Residents of Piisi in the Wa Municipality of the Upper West Region have made complains over lack of potable water in the community.

Speaking to Info Radio during its thought provoking and discerning morning show, “ZIENYAANYE UPPER WEST”, Madam Gladys, who is Unit Committee Member for the Piisi Electoral Area, revealed that Piisi cannot boast of a single functional borehole at the moment.

“Presently, there is no single borehole here – Piisi that is functioning, all the boreholes are broken down and when repairs, it does not last for more than three days,” Madam Gladys has said.

A Sixty-three year old female resident, Madam Paulina, on her part, expressed bitterness over the unbearable water situation in the community.

She recounted bitterly how women in Piisi suffer to get water to perform their domestic chores, saying that women bath can go for three ‘good’ days without bathing due to lack of water.

She added that punctuality at school by school children is hampered as they have to struggle for water to bath before going to school.

The residents therefore called on city authorities and benevolent institutions to come to their aid with the provision of potable water.

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