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Residents of Gbierung in Dire Need of a JHS Block

Residents of Gbierung, a small farming community in the Nadowli-Kaleo district of the Upper West Region are appealing to the Nadowli district assembly and the Ghana Education Service to provide a Junior High School in Gbierung.

According to Residents, the community cannot boast of an existing JHS, thereby compelling students to travel several kilometers daily to Nadowli or Tangasia to attend school.The situation according residents discourages students from pursuing JHS education .

The Assembly Member for the Gbierung electoral area Mr Dassah Yelkpele Lambert speaking to Info Radio also expressed frustration about the lack of a Junior high school in his electoral area.

Mr Lambert explained that the entire Gbierung electoral area has no single junior high school, hence affecting the performance of of JHS students in his electoral area .

Mr. Lambert added that the primary school in the electoral area is very effective due to its proximity to pupils, and said, same cannot be said about JHS students who attend JHS in other communities outside his electoral area.

The assembly member has therefore appealed to the Ghana Education service and the Nadowli-Kaleo district assembly to come to the aid of the community by constructing a JHS block for the Gbierung community.

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