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Residents of Chaggupaala appeal for social amenities

The chiefs and people of Chaggupaala in the Chagu electoral area of the Wa East district have called on the government to urgently provide them with social amenities to help improve their living conditions.

The residents mentioned that the lack of electricity, good roads and telecommunication networks has denied the community the needed development.

Mr. Salia Bankele, a resident speaking to Info Radio, noted that the community is struggling to retain teachers posted to the community school due to the lack of these basic social amenities.

He explained that the Catholic Church built a Kindergarten for the community, but the children are not benefitting from the facility due to the lack of teachers in the school.

“For the JHS the teachers are doing well even though we have these challenges, our children, when they write the BECE, come out with good grades. The entire community including the teachers continues to appeal to the government to extend the needed development to the community,” he stated.

He expressed disappointment in successive governments for neglecting the community.

The chief of Chaggupaala, Naa Bawa Sunkari, lamented the lack of development in the community. He stated that the road network in the community is in a deplorable state.

“We have the school infrastructure and children, but the lack of a network and deplorable roads are stopping teachers from staying in this community. Some teachers come here and go back home and never return. We cannot make phone calls even when we have an emergency,” he added.

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