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Residents of Bussie express concern over the increase in teenage pregnancy

Residents of Bussie in the Daffiama Bussie Issa district have raised concerns over a concerning rise in teenage pregnancies in the Bussie community.

Some residents who spoke to Info Radio at Bussie are upbeat about the increase in teenage pregnancies.

Madam Emelia Denbone, who spoke on behalf of Queen Mother of Bussie, lamented the situation. She commended teachers in the community for their services to the children in the community.

She, however, admonished the teachers to follow up on children who stay away from school for some time.

“She mentioned that the teachers are performing well, but we are facing a challenge because our girls do not enjoy going to school. When we send them to school, they run away, and the teachers do not inquire about the reasons for their absence. As a result, they are at home doing nothing, not contributing to any chores, and before they reach proper physical maturity, they are already pregnant.”

Mr. Ebenezer A Naah, a Catechist, noted that teenage girls in the community are not being impregnated by strangers but also young boys from the community.

Teenage pregnancy is something we have noticed in Bussie, but I know it is not only the strangers in the community who are impregnating the girls. Some of the young boys and men from the community are also sleeping and impregnating the girls.”

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