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Portholes and broken bridges causing accidents on Tibani road – residents cry out

Residents of Tibani in the Jang Electoral Area of the Nadowli-Kaleo District have expressed concerns that accidents are frequently occurring on the Tibani road due to dangerous potholes and broken bridges.

They said the roads linking the community to other communities in the electoral area are very deplorable states.

Speaking to Info Radio at the community, Mr. Kojo Nong-eraa, a resident, said the road leading to Wa is jam-packed with portholes coupled with collapsed bridges, making the road user-unfriendly and accident-prone.

According to him, the bad nature of the road has caused some road users permanent deformities through accidents.

He recounted instances where some accident victims lost their lives which he described as painful.

Mr. Fatawu Liezuma, another resident, said even though the Ti bani-Wa road is their main concern, the other roads connecting them to neighbouring communities are also immotorable.

The residents, therefore, appealed to the government through the District Assembly to provide them with access roads in the area.

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