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People Of Naahaa Threaten Not To Vote In 2020 Election Over Lack Of Water

People Of Naahaa Threaten Not To Vote In 2020 Election Over Lack Of Water

Residents of Naahaa, a community in the Wa East district of the upper west region have issued a stern warning to politicians not to waste their time and energy coming to their community to campaign until what they described as their “chronic water crises” is fixed. The women in particular have recounted the ordeals that they have to contend with over the years. According to some of the residents who spoke to info radio, revealed that they have come to an irreversible conclusion that politicians are deceitful, not trustworthy, hence their decision to stay away from this year’s polls. A woman who got her marriage shattered on her third day of her struggle for water said politicians have long deceived them and this time round, they will not give any politician a listening hear.

Some of the women also said, they no longer sleep in their matrimonial homes because they have to queue and sleep at a borehole in search for water

Some of the men, who also expressed their disappointment in politicians’ attitude towards their plight revealed, that they share the same water source with pigs even though their religious faith forbids that. “ As a result of insufficient water sources for us, we are sometime compelled to share same water sources with pigs, which under normal circumstances, is not permissible as far as the religious faith we practiced.” One man revealed

On his part, the Naahaa NPP polling station chairman, Alhaji Wahab lamented that, there is a sour relationship between him and his family members due to his party’s failure to solve the perennial water crises bedeviling the community. “As a result of this water crises in Naahaa, I’m the NPP’s branch Chairman, but I’m finding it difficult to talk the men and women in the community as a Chairman. I don’t even feel proud to be called an NPP’s chairman at the moment. We made several pleas and follow ups to the incumbent MP, Hon Godfred Bayong Tangu, concerning this our water situation but to no avail. Hon Tangu has failed us” Alhaji Wahab lamented

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