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Olli residents raise concerns about healthcare delivery at their CHPS

Residents of Olli in the Egu Electoral Area in the Wa West District have expressed concerns about the bizarre situation of healthcare delivery at their health facility.

Speaking in an interview with Info Radio at the community, a resident, Cletus Bangongluri lamented that the facility is challenged with a myriad of issues ranging from personnel to equipment and utilities.

He said expectant mothers deliver at Eggu because the facility had no midwife.

Mr Bangongluri lamented over the bad nature of the road they transport pregnancy through to go for delivery.

He noted that the facility has no source of water supply burdening women in the community to fetch always water to serve the facility.

He added that the facility does not have toilet and maternity facilities but for the intervention of community self-help initiatives.

Mr Bangongluri further lamented that the residents are also saddled with the responsibility of cleaning and providing security services at the facility.

He appealed for the support of the government through the District Assembly to come their immediate aid.

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