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Activities of Some Residents of Kaleo Polluting the Kaleo Dam

Messy state of a refuse site near the Kaleo Dam

Fusca Ninkpeng, Assembly Member for Kaleo East Electoral Area, Nadowli-Kaleo constituency has said that negative acts of some residents of Kaleo is polluting the Kaleo Dam.

Explaining the situation, the Assembly Member said residents defecate along the bank of the dam while others has also turned the place into damping site of refuse.

The situation, he described as a threat to the lives of aquatic species in the dam and also making the water unwholesome to individuals who fetch from the dam for domestic use.

Ninkpeng made these statements when Info Radio made a stop at the community over the weekends to discussed developmental issues of the Kaleo Community.

The Assembly member said, talks are underway between him and the waste management company, Zoomlion Ghana Limited to provide larger containers to curb the menace.

Fusca Ninkpeng is therefore urging the residents of Kaleo to refrain from further engaging in the dishonest act as it is going a long away to affects their own well-being.

Meanwhile a resident who was seen in the act of dumping refuse along the dam and subsequently further defecated had however attributed the situation to inadequate access to refuse containers and toilet facilities by residents in some parts of the Kaleo community.

She did not had it tough saying that it was a deliberate act to call to the attention of people their plight in the community.

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