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Loho multipurpose dam breaks away, farm crops carried away

Multipurpose earth dam at Loho, a predominantly farming community in the Nadowli-Kaleo District of the Upper West Region, has broken away following a heavy downpour on Saturday, residents of Loho say.

Speaking in an interview with Info Radio, the Unit Committee member of the area, Abdulai Bafaa, said the breakaway was not the first time revealing that it first broke in 2016 and left the residents in dire need for two years before they contributed and fixed it.

He said the construction of the dam was started by Ghana Social Opportunities Project (GSOP) but left it halfway leading to the breakaway five years ago.

He added that a World Bank development project, Ghana Productive Safety Net, also came to rehabilitate the dam but it did not safe the situation.

Mr Bafaa noted that the spill water submerged and carried away cultivated crops of some farmers whose farms are along the water way.

He appealed to authorities and charities to support the affected farmers reclaim from the losses.

He added that the community was going to initiate moves to fix the dam in the coming dry season but called for the support of government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Madam Anuuma Mornah, a resident, told Info Radio that the dam is of enormous importance to dam in farming and carrying out domestic activities as it is the only source of soft water in the community.

She observed that the breakage was due to technical errors in the construction process.

She also appealed to benevolent individuals and organizations to come their aid.

She reiterated that the community was not going to sit aloof but would start contributing towards fixing the dam.