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Lack of Electricity Leads to High School Dropouts in Yizie Community as Girls Get Pregnant

Residents of Yizie in the Sigri Electoral Area of the Wa West District have raised concerns about the absence of electricity in their community, citing its detrimental impact on education and safety.


According to them, the lack of electricity has led to a high rate of school dropout, particularly among girls who are forced to seek study facilities in neighboring electrified communities, where they are at risk of early pregnancies.


Madam Vuurako Yelbienaa, a resident, disclosed that over 15 girls have already become pregnant due to the lack of electricity.

The residents emphasized that the absence of electricity has severely impacted their children's education and safety.

They highlighted the financial strain of providing alternative lighting, as they cannot afford the cost of dry cells for their children to study.


Moreover, Mr. Seare Samson, another resident, noted that the lack of electricity has also led to a scarcity of teachers in the community. As a result, the overall educational environment is suffering.


The Assembly Member for Sigri Electoral Area, Mr. Peter Igaah, pointed out that while light poles have been installed in nearby communities such as Bankpama and Tanvaare, the Yizie community remains unconnected to the national grid.


He urged the government to address this issue by extending the connection to their community.

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