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Kids from the Upper West Region Call for Clean and Healthy Communities.

Hundreds of Children from the Upper West Region of Ghana are calling for clean and healthy communities . The Children who were making a presentation after an audit of their communities at the Upper West Regional Library on Saturday 12th February, 2022 described their respective communities as unhealthy, a community engulf with waste and filth , a situation they described as catastrophic if not curtailed.

Info Radio, a Wa based radio station who organized the event in collaboration with Theia International, a German based Global Education Leader brought together over 600 children and parents under the Action 4 Clean Community project (A4CC).

The Action 4 Clean Community project is an initiative of Info Radio and Theia International under Info Radio weekly Children's World radio program with Financial support from the German Federal state North Rhein Westphalia , Engagement Global .

The launch of the project saw three groups of children from the Agdam International School, Tender Care International School and the Upper West Regional Children’s Parliament; making presentations of sanitation situation of selected communities they visited and the need for concerted efforts to ensure cleanliness of the communities.

The children also made cases for technological advancement towards managing waste in the region and the country at large including the construction of recycling plants.

In his welcome address, Mr Gabriel Mwini, the Managing Director of Info Radio, noted that the project was born out empowering children with active voices using radio to make positive contribution towards the holistic development of their communities.

He explained that children play very important role in community and national development hence , children taking the lead in championing for Clean Communities .

Miss Anja Carron Katrin Tollhausen, the founder of THEIA International at the event expressed optimism that the project will make impact on the lives the children towards taking charge of issues affecting them in their communities . According to her, the presentation from Children from the Upper West Region about their communities and waste and the call for a clean and healthy communities will be a light house for children in other parts of the world to rise up and make positive contribution towards making better and sustainable communities .

The Action 4 Clean Communities Project was broadcast live on Info Radio to Hundred of thousands of radio audience in the Upper West Region.

The event also attracted key stakeholders like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) , The Ghana Library Authority and experts on waste management.

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