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ISRUDEV celebrates Mothers in Wa West District

The Innovation for Sustainable Rural Development, ISRUDEV has celebrated mothers in ten communities in the Wa West District on the occasion of Mother's Day.

The Mothers numbering over 60 are beneficiary farmers of the Forest and Farm project being implemented by the ISRUDEV in the district.

They were educated on the opportunities available to them in agriculture and the Social Welfare department of the District Assembly. The mothers were also educated on breast cancer, how to detect it and how to prevent it.

Speaking in an interview with Info Radio at Chogsia during the celebration, Madam Gifty Teonzuinyelle from Tendoma explained the impact of the project on her life.

“At first, it was difficult for us to get vegetables to prepare soup during the dry season, but this programme taught us how to farm during the dry season and raise money to take care of our families.”

She mentioned that they now stay in the community and work rather than travel to the southern sector of Ghana to work for people during the dry season.

Madam Martha Lawrence, also a beneficiary of Chogsia, said through the project they are able to cater for their children.

Meanwhile, Mr. Maxwell Kpetaa Maale-Eng, the Business Development Officer of ISRUDEV, who represented the Executive Director, said the celebration was to recognize the role of mothers in the agriculture sector and the development of their communities.

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