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Health Experts Urge Mothers to Embrace Exclusive Breastfeeding for Babies' Well-being

A midwife at the Wa Municipal Hospital, Madam Mahama Nadia, has advised breastfeeding mothers to practice exclusive breastfeeding for the proper development and growth of their children.

Speaking to Info Radio, she explained that it’s important to breastfeed the baby for six months right after birth without giving him or her any food or water. She said this will make the child grow healthy and protect the child from sickness.

Mr. Richard N. Mengbang, a Senior Pediatric Nurse at the Wa Municipal Hospital, stressed that not only is breastfeeding important for the children but also for the mothers.

"When the mother breastfeeds the child right, it also has some benefits for the mother as well. The mother can maintain her body and weight. So the benefits are not only for the child but the mother as well."

He also urged men to help their wives with the house chores when they give birth.

Madam Issung Mercy, who is also a senior staff at the Municipal Hospital, urges mothers to be mindful of the kinds of foods they eat during breastfeeding.

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