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Ghana Better at Containing COVID-19 Infections Compared to One of the World´s Best

Germany recorded its first 16 Corona-virus cases on 16th February, Two months later the country recorded over 150,000 Cases with 7,792 deaths . Similarly, Ghana recorded its first 2 cases on 12th March, 2020 . Two months later, the country recorded 5,408 positive cases with 24 deaths. Germany population is almost 3 times that of Ghana . Taking that into consideration and by comparison, Ghanaian health experts and authorities have been able to exceptionally contain the spread of the virus within two months when compared to one of the world´s best managers of the COVID-19 cases which is Germany. The low COVID-19 deaths in Ghana since 2 months ago looks like a miracle despite some of the challenges we have at our health facilities. In all, we need to be proud of ourselves as a country for winning the fight against COVID-19. We also need to celebrate our health professionals for been bold and fearless in the face of this adversity. We need to also play our roles as responsible citizens by adhering to all health protocols in order to stop the spread of the virus. If there is a time to be proud of ourselves as a country, then its NOW! .


Gabriel Mwini

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