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Find Lasting Solutions to Chieftaincy and Land Disputes – Regional Minister to House of Chiefs

The Upper West Regional Minister, Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih has appealed to the Upper West Regional House of Chiefs to find lasting solutions to land and chieftaincy disputes in the region. The minister said this during his end-of-year message to the region on Info Radio on New Year's eve.

While the Regional Minister has also applauded the Regional House of Chiefs for mediating and maintaining peace in the region, he said, peace is a pre-requisite for propelling sustainable development.

He said the region has few unresolved cases of land and chieftaincy disputes which the house of chiefs has mediated to prevent escalation into unrest and violent instances and serious conflicts.

The Minister has further commended the government for beefing up security in the Upper West Region. He said, the government has increased police visibility in the region and has also established a military barracks to ensure the peace and safety of the Upper West.

“… in the year just ending, I can say that the region enjoyed peace and tranquillity; there have not been any major security threats. The cases of armed robbery dwindled and people can now travel to and within the region in safety,” he noted.

He reiterated that, “this feat has been achieved through the retooling of the Ghana Police Service and the Escort Regime introduced for commuters and traders.”

Dr Bin Salih has applauded all the security operatives in the region for keeping up to duty and making peace reign in the region.

Dr Hafiz Bin Salih has also thanked the people of Upper West for exercising restraint during the electioneering period which has resulted in a continuous peaceful co-existence. He said it is a sign of maturity and understanding of democracy.

While thanking the people of the region for their support over the year, Dr Bin Salih called on the people to live in peace and harmony as one people.

He asked the citizens to bury their political, religious and racial differences and forge ahead as one people into the New Year 2021.