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Executive Director, Hiquie Sung Joy calls for support to empower rural folks

Executive Director of Hiquie Sung Joy Network, Hiqimat Sungdeme Saani has called for the support of likeminded individuals and organizations to empower rural folks with living-earning skills.

She made the call while answering questions on the sidelines of skill training sessions her foundation had organized in some selected communities in the Upper West Region.

She has asked for support in terms of materials and props used for the training as well as support in terms of ideas.

She said the development of the Upper West Region is a collective responsibility and thus everyone must come to play.

Talking about the foundation, Hiqimat said the core business of Hiquie Sung Joy Network is to work out ways to reduce poverty and alleviate the suffering of people, especially those in the rural and deprived communities.

She added that the foundation has also concern itself with ensuring the youth are informed about certain life-affirming issues in terms education and social life since its inception in August 2020.