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Deplorable security situation makes theft and robbery prevail

Mr Yussif Abdullah, the Assembly Member for Beleofili Electoral Area, has bemoaned the deplorable security situation in the area as theft and robbery prevail.

He cited instances where cattle have been raided from some communities and people robbed along some major roads in the area, specifically between Vieri and Berinyaasi, Tanvaare and Yiziri, and Yizie and Barigmaateng roads.

He appealed to the Wa West District Assembly and Police Command to collaborate in setting up night patrols within the area to curb the instances.

He said this will restore confidence in people who ply the road at night, especially those returning from market centres. He also called on the police to break vehicles that have animals onboard at night until daybreak as he believed genuine animals should not be transported only at night.

Mr Abdullah also suggested that the police command sets up barriers along the major roads noted for armed robbery in order to salvage the situation.

He acknowledged that setting up a police station in the area might pose a huge financial burden but that the police barriers would be able to bring security to the area.

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