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Community Development Alliance Champions Women's Involvement in Peace Building in The Upper West Region

Community Development Alliance (CDA), a non-governmental organization operating in the Upper West Region of Ghana, has taken a bold step to champion the involvement of women in peace building and conflict resolution in the region.

To achieve this, CDA has created a Regional Women Network in Peace Building, comprising key and influential women selected from the 11 districts and municipalities in the Upper West Region.

The Regional Women Network in Peace Building was introduced to key stakeholders, including the Upper West Regional House of Chiefs, during a stakeholders engagement held recently in Wa .

The event aimed to emphasize the importance of involving women in peace building, conflict resolution, anti-terrorism, and social cohesion in the region.

Speaking to Info Radio during the engagement, Madam Farida Numbu, Programs Manager of CDA, emphasized that women's involvement in peace building is essential to reducing conflicts in the Upper West Region. She noted that women play a crucial role in maintaining social harmony and promoting peaceful coexistence, and their participation is necessary to address the root causes of conflicts.

The Regional Women Network in Peace Building is a project funded by USAID, which aims to empower women to take an active role in peace building and conflict resolution.

The project seeks to create a platform for women from different backgrounds and districts to share experiences, skills, and knowledge to build consensus and promote peace.

The network will also provide training and capacity building for its members to enable them to effectively participate in peace building initiatives and conflict resolution mechanisms. The project will also focus on promoting gender equality and social cohesion, as well as reducing gender-based violence and promoting women's economic empowerment.

The Regional Women Network in Peace Building is expected to play a vital role in promoting peace and stability in the Upper West Region, and CDA is committed to supporting its members to achieve this goal.

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