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CIKOD Builds Capacities of Local Authorities In the Upper West Region to Fight COVID-19

Deputy Executive Director of CIKOD-North Mr Daniel Banuoku

Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development (CIKOD) , a non-governmental organisation operating in Ghana has a began a project with the sole objective of building the capacities of local authorities in some communities in the Upper West to help fight the spread of COVID-19 in local communities.

Deputy Executive Director of CIKOD-North Mr Daniel Banuoku speaking during a community sensitization progrmme for local authorities in the Nandom Municipality noted that the COVID-19 pandemic had exposed the weaknesses of many countries and called on nations to begin to rethink the kind of priorities they set for themselves.

He said internal innovation is the key to fighting the virus since no country could rely on the other to come and solve its problems, stressing that countries that would fail to come up with innovations to fight the pandemic would suffer grievous consequences.

He said the implementation of the COVID-19 community support project goal was to strengthen the capacities of local and traditional authorities in the Lawra and Nandom Municipalities in the Upper West Region for them to provide effective leadership in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic in their respective Communities.

Mr Banuoku noted that the project would among other things inaugurate community COVID-19 volunteers in eight communities to help enforce national protocols at the local level as well as distribute sanitation and hygiene materials to eight communities and traditional authorities.

The 20,000.00 dollar project is being implemented by CIKOD and Groundswell International with funding from the 11th Hour Project.

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