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Chief And People of Siiriyiri Suffocating With Bad Odor From A Decayed Landfill

The Chief and people of Siriyiri, a community in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region are crying for immediate help from the Wa Municipal assembly to come and clear a landfill it has created in the community. According to the chief and his people, the said landfill was created by the Wa municipal assembly. They said the landfill is posing a serious health hazard to the inhabitants of the community. The residents also alleged that the heap of refuse at the landfill is also serving as a hideout for criminal activities by miscreants, adding, that children from the community are fond of going to the site either for playing purposes or to pick metals and other materials which they described as ‘hazardous’. They also revealed, that wind also blow the rubbish into the community which has made life uncomfortable for them while rendering the community dirty and unkempt for human habitation. They are thus calling on the Wa Municipal Assembly to come and clear the refuse and to reclaim the land for the community to use it for other beneficial purposes. The residents of the community spoke to Info Radio.

Naa Yakubu Miebu, on his part, also revealed that, the Wa Municipal Assembly once engaged them and it was agreed that the refuse would be cleared and the site reclaimed for community utilization. “The Wa municipal assembly some time ago came here and sat with us. After the said sitting, it was agreed that, the site would be cleared and leveled for the community”. The people of Siiriyiri are therefore appealing to the Wa Municipal Assembly and other city authorities to come their rescue.

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