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CEO of the Students Loan Trust Fund visits Lassia Tuolo SHS

The Headmaster of Lassia Tuolo Senior High School (SHS) in the Wa West District, Mr. Emmanuel Banongwie, has expressed his appreciation to the Chief Executive Officer of the Student Loan Trust Fund, Mr. Nuhu Mahama Bayorbo, for extending the Green Ghana Campaign to his school.


Mr. Banongwie emphasized the significance of the trees planted on the campus, referring to them as lives brought to the school.


He highlighted the future benefits of these seedlings, citing their potential to provide fruits, act as wind barriers, and prevent soil erosion and land degradation.


The Senior House Master of Lassia Tuolo SHS, Mr. Isaac Donebo Kumah, acknowledged the CEO's visit as impactful and likely to make a lasting impression on the school.

“This is a very small occasion we cannot forget. The few minutes that you have spent here will be a permanent mark in the minds of these young people growing up,” he stressed.


In response, Mr. Nuhu Mahama Bayorbo conveyed that his visit to the school was motivated by three primary reasons, including the school's esteemed status as the pride of the Upper West Region.  He also aimed to introduce the student loan scheme to the students during his visit.


He explained that the fund has been observing the Green Ghana Day every year in various schools across the country and it was the turn of the Lassia Tuolo SHS.


“And why did I choose to come to Lassia, three simple reasons; one because I’m from here and I will never forgets where I’m coming from. Two, Lassia is the pride of the region. Anywhere you go people are very proud of this school and carrying out an exercise like this here will not only inure to the benefit of Students Loan Trust Fund but the school as a whole.

"The third and the most important reason I’m here is to let you know after you have enjoyed your free senior high school what next?  May be you go back home and your parents would say they don’t have money to support you to continue to the tertiary institution. I’m here to let you know that that should not be a barrier. The student loan is always there to support you.”


Notably, as a former student of the school, Mr. Bayorbo generously donated 7 pickaxes, 3 cutlasses, sets of Wellington boots, 4 watering cans, and provided undisclosed financial support to aid in the reconstruction of the school’s multipurpose dining hall that was destroyed by fire.


This year’s Green Ghana Day was held under the theme: “Growing for a Greener Tomorrow."

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