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Assembly Member calls on COVID-19 Taskforce to use radio campaigns in the fight against COVID-19

The Assembly Member of Tanina Electoral Area, Seidu Kassim has called on the COVID-19 Taskforce to prioritize the use of radio as a means of advocacy and education in the fight against the pandemic.

He stated that the radio is the most-listened-to tool that cannot effectively help in the fight against the virus.

He indicated that "even now that we are told the the current wave of the virus in more dangerous, we only see it on the television but how many of our people watch the television, if I may ask."

The Assembly Member has also called on the media to mount strong educational advocacy towards curtailing the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic in the shores of the country.

The Assembly Member expressed worry over the non-adherence by citizens to the COVID-19 safety protocols lately.

He lamented most citizens have forgotten the essence of the Veronica buckets even though the current wave of the virus is more deadly.

Mr Kassim bemoaned the dormancy of the Information Service of Ghana in the fight against the pandemic.

He attributed this to the fact that the Service lacks the requisite tools like vehicles to carry out its mandate.

The Assembly Member has called on all Ghanaians to adhere strictly to the Coronavirus safety protocols to keep safe from the pandemic and also kick it out of the shores of the country.