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Women in Bianye appeal for hands-on training and jobs

Women in Bianye in the Sigri Electoral Area of the Wa West District have appealed to corporate entities and the government to help them find some hands-on jobs with which to improve their livelihoods.

In an interview with Info Radio at the community, Madam Abena called on individuals, organizations and other groups to come to support of the women in the community to learn trades.

She said the trades would enable them to earn decent incomes to cater for their families saying that, they presently do not any hands-on jobs to augment their income streams.

She indicated the women in the community picks shea and only sell them in raw form which could otherwise be processed into a finished or semi-finished good.

She thus appealed to the benevolent entities to support them with shea butter processing machines to serve this need.

She intimated that such hands-on trades would help to take care of their children’s education.

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