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Why should Wa Central constituents endorse Prez Akuffo Addo and Hajia Humu Awudu – Suleman Baako

Youth activist and political analyst, Suleman Mohammed, popularly known in the political space as Suleman Baako, has pointed out to some ‘bare facts’ as to why constituents of the Wa Central Constituency should repose confidence in the Wa Central NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Hajia Humu Awudu and the NPP flagbearer, His Excellency president Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo in the upcoming December 7 polls.

Read below his full article:

In less than seventy eight hours, the Ghanaian citizens will be heading to the polls to elect both our Parliamentarians and President as stipulated in the 1992 constitution. As a concerned citizen of Wa Central constituency, I consider it a national duty to express my views based on facts and concrete evidences and consequently draw meaningful conclusions as to why the good people of Wa Central should give their mandate to Hajia Humu Awudu and NPP flag bearer– His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo.

It has been proven by several researches, national and international scholars that the NPP is the only party that builds the future of young people through the implementation of good programs, policies and social interventions that have improved and will continue to improve the lives of the Ghanaian people.

It is beyond any reasonable doubt that the Akufo Addo led government is a government of the people and for the people. The welfare of the ordinary Ghanaian is the focus of this government.

My constituency – Wa Central has seen the rule of the NDC for 16 years, but has little to show as a mark of development. There is virtually little the NDC has done to improve the livelihood of the people.

It would be fatal for the good people of Wa Central to overlook the urgency of what I am talking about. For 16 years, the people of Wa Central are still sadly crippled by the manacles of poverty and the chains of unemployment. For 16 years, we have been made to believe that the only job for the native Wa Central people is the gathering of stones and cutting of grasses for sale. For 16 years we have been maligned in the share of the national cake because our representative has not got good skills for lobbying on our behalf. For 16 years we have been made to believe that our share of the national cake is too minimal such that it cannot cater for us, that it is too meager to the extent that it cannot be used to empower our youth, nor our sisters and our mothers.

Behold! She has come! The savior of Wa Central Constituency – Hajia Humu Awudu.

She has come to lead Wa Central to gain our rightful place in the decision table. She is more than capable of this role. This is evident based on her track record, she is not yet there but she has proven herself worthy of the job.

She is not yet there, but she has been able to empower a good number of our youth and women to start businesses and some to expand their business. She has assisted them enroll in skills training and many other things.

She has been able to brighten up every corner of Wa Central through the ‘Agenda brighten Up Every Corner’ initiative.

She is not yet there, but has been able to lobby for jobs for some of our unemployed graduates who have been sitting home for centuries without jobs. She is not yet there, but she has been able to secure scholarships for some of our brothers and sisters to study both within and outside the country.

She has pledged her support and commitment to empower our youth and women in agriculture and many other fields. We have been voting the NDC for so long, but there is virtually nothing to show. It is time to rise up and vote massively for the NPP to secure the future of our children.

Remember, December 7th is not just about the NPP or the NDC. It is more about our welfare; it is about the future of our children.

Based on the above mention reasons I encourage everyone to give Hajia Humu the opportunity to continue with the great job she has started and additional four years for His Excellency President Nana Akuffo Addo to continue to do more for us all.

May Allah continue to bless us all. Thank you.

Yours in the service of Wa central Constituency

Suleman Baako

Every four years in Ghana witnesses a political electioneering year where a President and Members of Parliament are elected to steer the affairs of the nation for years.

This years' election which comes off on December 7, 2020 is a keen contest largely between incumbent President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and former President John Dramani Mahama of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) among 10 other candidates.

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