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Wa United FC players return for pre-season training

The players of Wa United FC are returning to their regular training grounds today to gear up for the upcoming season.

After a break, the team is eager to get back into the swing of things and continue their preparations.

The coaching staff has worked hard to put together a comprehensive training plan to help the players improve their skills and fitness levels.

With the new season just around the corner, there is no time to waste and the team is determined to hit the ground running.

During the break, the players kept themselves fit and sharp, but they are now ready to get back to structured training sessions and start working together as a team once again.

With a competitive league schedule ahead, they will be training intensively over the coming weeks, aiming to make a strong impression in their first match of the season.

With the support of their loyal fans behind them, Wa United FC is looking to push for glory in the upcoming campaign.

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