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Wa East DCE Gives Ultimatum to All Decentralized Departments to Relocate to Funsi

The District Chief Executive for Wa East District Hon. Dr. Ewurah Suleman Kandia has directed all heads of the various decentralized departments operating outside the district to relocate their offices to Funsi, the District Capital of the Wa East district by close of 2020.

According to Hon. Dr. Ewurah Suleman Kandia, the practice, where some decentralized departments set up their offices in Wa but claims to work in the Wa East District can no longer be tolerated.

Speaking to Info Radio on the issue, The Wa East DCE intimated that, all government departments and NGOs who claim to be working in the district must operate within the district to ensure easy accessibility of their services by residents living in the district.

According to the Wa East DCE, the current situation whereby some offices of decentralized departments and some NGOs are headquartered in Wa but operating in the district does not inure to the benefit of the people and makes it even difficult for him as the DCE to monitor their activities and performance. He has therefore called on all heads of government departments to comply with the new directives, else stand the chance of being sanctioned.

Dr. Ewurah Suleman Kandia is of the view that, if all organisations and government departments who work in the district are sited within the district, it will go a long way to enable them understand the needs of the people , since proximity is essential in the delivery of their services to the people in the Wa East District and at the same time reduce the cost of transportation for those affected departments.

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