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  • Aminu Ibrahim

SDD UBIDS: Zila welcomes students back on campus

Fauzia Seidu Zila, an aspiring Local NUGS President, has welcomed students of the Simon Diedong Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (SDD UBIDS) back to campus following the reopening of the university.

The SDD UBIDS resumed for the second trimester of the academic year on Monday, May 13, 2024.

Following the resumption, Ms. Zila extended a message of warm welcome to the entire student body back on campus to continue their academic activities.

"It is with great excitement and joy that we extend a warm welcome back to campus to each and every one of you as we kick off another trimester," she posted on her social handles and student platforms. 

She wished the students a promise-filled trimester with renewed hopes of endless possibilities and accomplishments.

"Your return marks a significant moment in our University community, one filled with promise, renewal and endless possibilities," Ms. Zila remarked.

Ms. Zila called for unity and a sense of purpose among the students and the cultivation of the habits of mutual respect and support.

"As we embark on this journey together, let us remember the importance of unity, kindness and support for one another.

"Let us foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity, creating a safe and welcoming environment where everyone can thrive and excel," she urged.

Fauzia Seidu Zila, a dedicated and passionate youth advocate, is a third-year development communication student with a strong desire to serve and empower her fellow students and is committed to creating a positive impact on campus.

Throughout her academic journey, Ms. Zila has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, a keen sense of responsibility, and a deep understanding of student issues.

As a unifying force, Fauzia Zila aims to bridge the gap between students, faculty, and administration, fostering open communication and collaborative problem-solving. 

Her vision for the student body includes initiatives that promote academic excellence, personal growth, and social responsibility.

As the university rolls the wheels towards another electioneering period, Fauzia Seidu Zila becomes a force to reckon with as she emerges as an inspiring leader to turn the fortunes of NUGS for the maximum benefit of students.

Ms. Zila will become the first female President of the Local National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) for SDD UBIDS and will be the second in the history of the campus (formerly Wa Campus of the University for Development Studies, UDS).

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