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Residents of Wa- Kperisi Appeal for More Boreholes

A cross-section of residents of Wa- Kperisi have appealed to authorities and benevolent organisations to come to the aid of the community by drilling more boreholes for the community.

Some members of the Mwinisunbo Women SUSU Group at Kperisi speaking to Info Radio in a community engagement made the appeal when highlighting on some challenges they faced when accessing portable water in the community.

According to the women of Kperisi, the population of the community outweighs the number of boreholes at the community , which according to them causes the few boreholes available to breakdown due to excessive pressure.

The women also raised the issue of poor sanitation as a major challenge in the community . The revealed that, members of the community practiced Open defecation due to the lack of a toilet facilities at the community.

They have therefore appealed to the Wa Municipal Assembly to come to the aid of the community in addressing those developmental challenges.

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